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Jascode Color Vitality Conditioner 250ml

Jascode Color Vitality Conditioner 250ml
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5 Colors to Choose :

#1 Magic Red

#2 Gold Orange

#3 Dreamy Violet

#4 Coffee Brown

#5 Ash Grey


Still spending a lot of time and money for your hair in hair salon?

You are outdated my friend??


Want to fix your hair because of colored/ bleached hair has faded?

Want to dye hair without damaging your hair?


Come and have a try on our JASCODE Color Vitality Conditioner.

Now you can change hair color according to your mood within 5-10 minutes!!!

And long lasting for 96 HOUR!!!




Try JASCODE Color Vitality Conditioner to have 2-in-1 treatment.

✔ Hair Dye + Hair Care

100% SAFE


Purely plants ingredients, not harmful to hair.

Natural herbs used to have intensive conditioning effect for your hair.

It's basically a hair conditioner that can bring colours to your hair.

Colour lasting for 96 hours or up to 3 times shampoo wash.

Can be washed off using shampoo.

Waterproof so not to worry if is raining.


Benefits of Jascode :

Protect, change, and enhance your hair colour.

Provide moisture.

Repair damaged hair.

Hair more smooth and bouncy.

Coloured hair more shiny.

Nice scent.


Directions :

1. Clean hair with shampoo 1st.

2. Wipe hair to half dry and apply evenly.

3. Massage 5-8 minutes then wash with clean water (No Need Shampoo)

4. Done.


Note & Tips :

1. Suitable for dye hair, more easy to colored.

2. If black hair maybe can't colored, or need to use more times to color.

3. Can wash using shampoo.

4. Test sensitive before use.


Suitable For Everyone :

Men, women, children, pregnant mother, elderly, pets.






5 Colors to Choose :

#1 Magic Red

#2 Gold Orange

#3 Dreamy Violet

#4 Coffee Brown

#5 Ash Grey


Masih guna banyak masa dan duit pergi ke salon?

Adakah anda ketinggalan zaman di antara kawan-kawan?


Nak menetapkan warna rambut anda?

Nak warnakan rambut anda tanpa merosakkan rambut?


Marilah cuba Jascode Color Vitality Conditioner.

Sekarang kamu boleh tukar warna rambut setiap hari dalam masa 10 minit!!!

Dan tahan selama 96 jam!!!




Cubalah Jascode Color Vitality Conditioner yang 2-in-1 rawatan.

Pewarna rambut + Penjagaan rambut

100% Selamat

✔ Tiada Bahan Kimia

✔ Asli daripada tanaman tumbuhan, tidak berbahaya rambut

✔ Herba semulajadi intensive conditioning jaga rambut

✔ Ini asasnya rambut conditioning boleh warna rambut

✔ Warna tahan selama 96 jam dan boleh dicuci lepas 3 kali shampoo.

✔ Boleh cuci warna rambut dengan shampoo biasa.

Waterproof, tidak perlu risau masa hujan, warna hanya boleh dicuci guna shampoo.


Cara Guna :

1. Cuci dan bersihkan rambut dulu guna shampoo.

2. Lap rambut sampai separuh kering dan sapu Jascode Conditioner macam guna conditioner yg biasa.

3. Massage rambut dari atas ke bawah 5-8 minit dan cuci (Tak perlu shampoo lagi)

4. Done.


Note & Tip :

1. Sesuai untuk rambut yang pernah warna, lebib senang warnakan.

2, Kalau rambut hitam, yang tak pernah warna, mungkin tak dapat kesan, atau perlu guna lebih banyak kali untuk warna.

3. Color hanya dapat dicucikan dengan shampoo.

4. Uji sensitif dulu sebelum guna.


Sesuai untuk semua orang :

Lelaki, perempuan, kanak-kanak, ibu mengandung, orang tua, haiwan.






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