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SOS Legline Panic★Slim Lower Body

SOS Legline Panic★Slim Lower Body
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Product From : Made In Japan


Content Amount : 351 mg x 60 tablets



Do you want to lose inches at the lower part of the body?

Sitting for a long time in office work very easily lead to lower body especially leg swelling, obesity, mainly because of the legs of the excess water retention between the cells, leading to blood circulation and lymph circulation are not smooth.

This SOS Legline Panic containing concentrated 10 kinds of anti-inflammatory ingredients to help lower body detoxification, relieve venous function is not swollen, and promote active circulation, restore leg blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.



Ingredients :

Ginger extract, Bellflower extract, gardenia extract, peppermint extract, Butcher's blooms, merilot, ginkgo biloba end, gotu kola extract, Angelica keiskei, white peach blossom, Kidachi aloe extract, habanero extract, magnesium oxide, crystal cellulose, Glycyrrhiza extract, sucrose, vitamin B6, Potassium chloride, caffeine (extract), tourmaline, niacin, Pantothenic acid Ca, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin A,Vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid.


Product Highlights :

✔ Have legs as slim as model

✔ Relieve venous function is not swollen,

✔ Promote active circulation,

✔ Restore leg blood circulation

✔ Lymphatic circulation


Dosage :

One day 2-4 tablets.

Suggest use before sleep.





















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