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SOS Puera Panic★Breast Enhancement

SOS Puera Panic★Breast Enhancement

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Product From : Made In Japan


Contents: 6.075g (405mg x 15 tablets)



Puera Panic SOS! BREAST Enhancement


Puera Panic SOS contains 100% Concentrated Pueraria Mirifica!

1 tablet includes 400mg of Pueraria mirifica.


Highly recommended for FAST, EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT bust up results!!!


Most women realize that their breasts got larger and they have a more beautiful skin in a week to 10 days.

Pueraria Mirifica is also very effective for a menopausal disorder.


Pueraria mirifica which is from Thailand brings you large boobs!

It will increase your bust size by 1 cup after taking 3 packs of Puera Panic SOS!!!


Raw material:

Pueraria mirifica, Vegetable oils and fats.


Benefits of Puera Panic:

- Enlarge & Firm busts

- Promotes silky shiny hair

- Rejuvenates the body and keeps body lively

- Nourishes skin condition, especially around the breast

- Makes skin beautifully young

- Possess anti-aging properties

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Reduces wrinkles and freckles



Take 1 tablet with warm water before bedtime.



Not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or women diagnosed with medical conditions of the breast.









Kandungan utamanya adalah Pueraria Mirifica, Pueraria Mirifica yaitu tanaman dari Thailand yang bertahun-tahun sudah dipercaya dan terbukti dapat membesarkan payudara.

Puera Panic SOS 1 pack isi 15 tablets,

1 tablet mengandung 405mg pueraria mirifica.

Kandungan dari Puera Panic SOS lebih besar puera nya, sehingga lebih efektif dan cepat hasilnya.

Saran pemakaian untuk Puera Panic SOS, sehari makan 1 butir sebelum tidur disertai dengan konsumsi air putih.

Untuk hasil yang baik gunakan selama minimal 2 bulan. Pemakaian rutin selama 3-4 minggu, efeknya akan terasa.

Agar lebih maksimal penggunaan teratur 3-5 bulan untuk menaikkan sampai dengan 2-3cup bra.



-selama menstruasi,

-ibu hamil ataupun yg sedang menyusui,

-pasien yg divonis penyakit yg berhubungan dengan payudara dan rahim



- kulit dan rambut lebih lembut dan mengkilat

- peremajaan kulit

- kulit yang lebih elastis terutama kulit di sekitar payudara

- melancarkan peredaran darah

- mengurangi kerut dan jerawat

- menambah ukuran payudara.










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User Comment
Tan97   2015-05-28 12:45:02
This product still available??
2015-05-28 12:48:06   Administrator: sales  Reply:Out of stock now,more 1 week++ will coming.
U can booking 1st, tq =)
jezzica   2015-04-27 15:51:31
when the stock will come?
2015-04-27 15:59:59   Administrator: sales  Reply:More 1-2 weeks coming,u can book 1st,tq =)
jezzica   2015-04-27 15:49:04
when the stock will come?
2015-04-27 15:50:33   Administrator: sales  Reply:More 1-2 weeks coming,u can book 1st,tq =)
feiying22   2015-04-06 17:48:34
2015-04-07 11:00:43   Administrator: sales  Reply:Ya ready stock now =)
YUSRISM01   2013-06-18 21:43:31
when this product arrive? i would like to order rapibust and sos puera panic.. pls inform me when this product will arrive..tq
2013-06-19 00:19:26   Administrator: sales  Reply:Puera panic maybe more 1-2 months coming,cos japan no stock now,i cant import (T.T)
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