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Nose Up Clipper

Nose Up Clipper

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Refines the shape of nose without going for surgery or medication.

Use to sharpen your nose.

No side effects, can be arbitrary use at home,no pain.

You can breathe normally and it's not painful.

The first complex most Korean / Japan women has is about their noses. This is common to Oriental women. However, there are few alternative inventions for their flat noses other than a cosmetic surgery. The fundamental cause of nose increased device is women who try to overcome their nose complex and don't want to get a cosmetic surgery.


Size : 2.7 x 4 x 1.1cm



Instruction :

Use for about 20 mins a day.

Do not use it for more than an hour straight.


Warning :

Not suitable for under 12 years old.

Do not use for other purpose.

Keep out reach of children.

Do not apply on broken skin.

If any discomfort is experienced, please stop using it.






Hidung Kemek? Kembang?

Hidung Tak Mancung?

Takde Batang Hidung?

Malu sebab Hidung Terlalu Kembang?

Takde duit Nk buat Pembedahan yg Mahal?

5 Sebab Kenapa Anda Perlu Lupakan Hasrat Anda Untuk Memiliki Hidung Mancung dan Menawan

Sebab 1: Hanya 15 minit setiap hari

Sebab 2 : Tak Perlu Keluarkan Banyak Duit

Sebab 3: Tiada Kesan Sampingan

Sebab 4 : Mudah Dibawa,Boleh dipakai Bila-bila Masa

Sebab 5 : Mempunyai Fungsi Antibakteria









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User Comment
soso73   2015-01-10 02:06:33
Hi admin, nose up clipper ni original ke? :)
2015-01-11 23:16:43   Administrator: admin  Reply:Yaya =)
lizzy_mizzy   2013-08-05 16:11:35
bila akan restock?nk oder
2013-08-05 19:38:28   Administrator: sales  Reply:Coming soon ya =)
U add to booking 1st,once update quantity will email inform.
lianda   2013-07-25 16:39:17
sis, stok dah smpi emel kat saya ya sis. TQ
2013-07-28 23:12:36   Administrator: sales  Reply:Booking dulu ya,tq =)
lianda   2013-07-10 00:33:25
stok dah ada sis?
2013-07-10 00:58:16   Administrator: sales  Reply:Coming soon in this week =)
Noriesmah   2013-06-29 11:06:41
Nose up Bila ada
2013-06-30 22:47:19   Administrator: sales  Reply:Lagi 3 minggu ya =)
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